What is Upcycling ?

Upcycling represents a variety of processes by which “old” products get to be modified and get a second life as they’re turned into a “new” product. In this way, thanks to the mix and aggregation of used materials, components and items, the end result is a “new product” with more value than the original value of the sum of all its components. In other others, upcycling is about materials or items that get to be re-adapted and/or re-purposed in a creative way, and whose lifespan is, therefore, expanded.

Upcycled Paper Carry Bag

We don’t get newspaper deliveries anymore, but back when we did, we were really bad for letting the papers pile up. We mean really bad. Sometimes we’d save them to read later. Sometimes we’d save them to line the compost bin or cover the floor during craft time. Other times we’d just forget about them and leave them piled on a side table. We finally admitted we had a newspaper hoarding problem when we realized we had a pile so large that we could have built a whole new coffee table out of them (and wouldn’t that make a fun DIY tutorial)!

Our point is, if you’re also a bit of a newspaper hoarder, you’re not alone! You’re also not without options for using them, either. Instead of just dumped the whole lot in the recycle bin outside your building, try turning the papers into one of these 15 awesome upcycling DIY projects!

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